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Sports & Remedial Massage treatments, tailored to the individual and dedicated to improving your flexibility, mobility & general well-being. Sports Massage is for Everyone, not just for the athlete or sports enthusiast


Sports and Remedial massage (sometimes referred to as deep tissue massage) is for everyone and not reserved for the athlete or sports enthusiast. Most people find benefit in a programme of sports massage treatments; and it is often the non-exercisers and the people working behind a desk all day with little chance of movement, who experience the most profound improvements in vitality and well-being.

Regular massage treatment can:

Reduce muscular aches and pains

Increase mobility and flexibility

Decrease muscle fatigue

Prevent injury and aid injury rehabilitation

Increase recovery rate between training sessions

Help to prepare in the build up to a sporting event

Help the recovery period post event

Improve posture

Relieve stress and tension headaches

Prolong enjoyment of sporting activities

Improve quality of life

Sports massage focuses on muscle systems, combining deep tissue massage, with trigger points and neuromuscular techniques to reduce soreness and help enhance power, endurance and flexibility. A variety of techniques may be used including manipulations, heat therapy and glass and silicone cupping techniques depending on the presenting conditions.

But your treatment will not end there. Depending on your situation you may be given a series of simple stretches and exercises to do at home on a regular basis in order to supplement your treatment in the clinic room and hasten your progress and recovery.