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Initial Consultation 
Required for all new clients

Your initial treatment will include a full consultation, postural assessment and range of movement review in order to determine your individual treatment plan. Your treatment plan will be under constant review.

A variety of techniques may be used during your treatment including manipulations, heat therapy, myofascial release using Cupping Therapy, Glass Cupping techniques and Kinesiology Taping  depending on your presenting conditions.

90min - £50 
Sports & Deep Tissue Massage

Your personalised treatment following your initial consultation.


Sports massage focuses on muscle systems, combining deep tissue massage with trigger points and neuromuscular techniques to reduce soreness and help enhance power, endurance and flexibility. A variety of techniques may be used including manipulations, heat therapy, myofascial release using Cupping Therapy, Glass Cupping and Kinesiology Taping techniques depending on your presenting condition.

   75min - £50    90min - £60 120min - £75
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Relaxing Therapeutic Massage

Take the weight of the world off your shoulders with a restful and blissfully relaxing full body massage.

This is the perfect treat that is great for rebalancing energies and promoting restful sleep. Includes the face and scalp

 90min - £55
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Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is thousands of years old and focuses on the head, shoulders and neck. This form of massage is a great way to combat stress, both emotional and physical.

Your treatment will include techniques to release knots and tension in the neck and shoulders and will then focus on the neck and head to encourage better circulation of the cerebral fluid and promote relaxation and a sense of well being.

Part of your treatment includes a scalp massage including the use of oils if requested, but please be aware your hair will appear a little oily after treatment.

55min - £40
Pregnancy Massage (antenatal)
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Massage has been used to support women through childbirth and pregnancy for thousands of years.


Your pregnancy massage is delivered to you lying comfortably on your side, supported by bolsters.  Treatments are tranquil, soothing and restful so your mind can switch off and let go of any worries.

Common problem areas that can benefit from a pregnancy massage include aching hips, sore lower back, tightness in the neck and shoulders, puffy ankles and sleeplessness.  Techniques are adapted safely in order to deliver releasing and remedial treatments to areas that need it.



60 min - £45
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Pre & Post Event Massage

Pre & Post Event Massage on site to support the competitors at your Sporting Event - to enhance their performance and aid recovery.

Whether it be a running, cycling or other sporting event, please contact me to discuss how I can bring added value to their experience.

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Corporate Plans
Encourage health and well being within your workplace

- Fund, subsidise or just provide treatment opportunities

- Book a one off visit or a series of regular visits as part of your staff stress management programme

- Customised treatments to meet individual needs

Treatments can be incorporated into a working day or arranged out of hours

Please telephone to discuss your requirements.