UPDATE : Appointments are now available for clients established and new from April 12th!


At last the news we have all been waiting for - from April 12th I will be able to see clients, both established and new as we continue to work towards the full unlocking in June..


During this  last lockdown I have been busy behind the scenes, building my knowledge, working on collaborations and building up my portfolio on social media. Thankfully being a Level 4 Therapist meant I was able to treat certain clients within the COVID restrictions, but I am very much looking forward to opening my business back up to full capacity from April 12th.


The time has also given me a chance to reflect on my business and the service I would like to offer you moving forward.  It is so important to me that I give you the best possible treatment every time, therefore I have made some changes to my services from 12th April 2021.  You will now have the option to book a 75 minute, 90 minute or 120 minute prescriptive Sports/Deep tissue treatment.


I also offer a range of therapeutic massage treatments if you would simply prefer to focus on relaxation, all of which you can book online through my booking system which you can access on this website be clicking the BOOK button above..


As always I am very grateful for your support and I hope you will continue to join me on my journey as I seek even better ways to treat and understand the body through injury, rehab and maintenance, all with the aim of improving your flexibility, mobility and general well being.


Check out my Instagram and Facebook pages for more Information, treatment updates and both platforms link into the on-line booking system

I do love it when you tag me in your post treatment and training pics!! 


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Thank you and I hope to see you soon.


With warmest wishes





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